66 minutes | Jan 4, 2019

030: Dream Bigger, Go Longer and Be Happier with Alyssa Godesky

Today’s guest without fail will inspire you. Inspire you to dream bigger. Inspire you to approach the seemingly impossible goal. Inspire you to give it your ALL. Alyssa found endurance sports as a college student after entering the JFK 50-mile on a whim. Today, as a professional triathlete with over 45 ultra marathons and 30 iron-distance triathlons under her belt, she went on to face the biggest challenge/dream of her life. The Vermont Long Trail. A brutal 273 mile trail running the length of the state that happens to be the oldest long distance trail in the US, constructed in 1910. Somewhere along the way people began formulating the crazy idea of hiking through the enter trail in one fell swoop. Alyssa not only did this, but she set the record for the FASTEST KNOWN TIME in 5 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes.    On today’s SMOGcast we talk about the power of building a dream team, the support crew that will be by your side for anything in life, we talk about being prepared in life and how it truly will make or break you, we talk about finding success by trying your best and much much more.   Ironwomen Podcast Alyssa Godesky
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