34 minutes | Jul 28th 2017

Makers Series 4: Ritual Chocolate

Ritual Chocolate was founded in 2010 by Robbie Stout and Anna Davies and is based in Park City, USA. The company makes small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate by hand using classic European methods, and offers single-origin chocolate from Belize, Peru, Ecuador and Madagascar, as well as drinking chocolate and cacao nibs. In this episode, Robbie tells us how the grinder would keep them up at night when he and Anna began Ritual in their Boulder apartment, details the checklist they use when choosing a cacao origin, and shares a great story about the farmers behind the bar we taste in the show. Please join us in tasting the Peru Marañón 75% bar. Learn more at theslowmelt.com. For more information on Ritual, head to their website (www.ritualchocolate.com), and use code “slowmelt” for a 20% discount on all products, including the Peru Marañón 75% bar, from now through October 15, 2017. You can also purchase an exclusive bar bundle, including all nine bars featured in the Makers Series, at Chocolopolis.com (in the U.S.; use code “slowmelt” for a 15% discount), and find most of the bars in a subscription box by BeanBarYou.com.au (in Australia). This episode is brought to you with the kind support of these sponsors: Chocolate Alchemy: Supplier of the largest selection of fine flavor cocoa beans, chocolate-making equipment and volumes of free chocolate-making information. Use code "slowmelt" at chocolatealchemy.com to receive 10% off any retail cocoa beans. Rottar Grinders: Chocolate grinders designed and built by a chocolate maker in the USA. Learn more at www.rottar.com. Cacao Cucina: Reliable and rugged chocolate-making machinery built in the USA. Use code "SlowMelt10" at cacaocucina.com/contact-us for a 10% discount through September 1. Blue Apron: $30 off your first order with free shipping at blueapron.com/chocolate. Soundtrack: "Soldier" by The Slackers. Hear more at theslackers.com.
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