57 minutes | Mar 15, 2013

Episode 60: Anywhere I Go

Welcome everyone to the Ska Geek Podcast! I am very pleased to introduce my new theme provided by the one and only...King Django! Mr. Django, or should I simply call him The King, is a super awesome, talented individual who totally impressed me with his Ska Geek promo. So much so I am going to use it as my new opening. THANK YOU! I have some great tracks for you from ska bands around the world once again. Included in this episode is a variety for all fans of ska music.Here are this episodes tracks:00 Ska Geek Special - Anywhere I Go.mp301 King Django - You Said You Love Me02 Green Room Rockers - Northbound Train03 Good Shepard - Heat from the Deep04 The Amphetameanies - Nothing’s OK05 Gangsters - Spin On Your Head06 TOXKÄPP - KUCK VIRUN DECH an trëppel nët dran07 GOEIEMIDDAG! - Plichtsgetrouw08 The Sovereigns - Jump09 The Rising Hope - Tribute To Skatebording10 No Such Noise! - Rest In Peace (feat. Rob Crews)11 Dead Legends - Dope Nose12 Destination Anywhere - How You Feel13 Stop Drop - Caffeine Culture14 Burning Idols - Pro Active15 The Prague Conspiracy – Where’s Michael16 SKALIE - Return Of The Rude Boys17 Rough Kutz - Him a Rude BoyEnjoy. Skank on.
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