32 minutes | Jan 12, 2021

Will You Be My Mentor? With Niamh Donoghue of Soundboard

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Mentorship may sound like an intimidating practice, but it’s really not! You just have to think of it like a relationship where someone with more knowledge guides someone with less knowledge. This is how today’s guest, Niamh Donoghue, perceives it. Niamh is the CEO and founder of Soundboard, a platform connecting people through events, workshops, and 1:1 peer mentorship. Through a mutual exchange of personal, professional, and life experiences, its goal is to kick-start a feeling of contagious motivation in its immediate communities and beyond. Mentorship doesn’t sound so intimidating now, does it?


  • Niamh talks about her journey from growing up in a small town in Ireland to following her hunger to visit big cities: she studied Fashion Communication in Scotland and then she ended up getting a job at a fashion brand that she loved in San Francisco. 
  • After 3 years, Niamh moved back to the UK after realizing that a lot of the progress she had made over the years was because of her mentors. However, she realized that mentorship was really hard to find and she decided to make it easier for people by creating Soundboard.
  • Mentorship is quite a simple concept, but people still feel intimidated by this practice. Niamh believes that this has happened because we tend to complicate things, but it’s time to bring mentorship back to basics.
  • Niamh describes in detail the formula that has helped build Soundboard, which is based on three pillars: being curious, giving more than you expect to receive, and just enjoying the journey towards mentorship.
  • We always need someone to show us how something is done in order to feel that something is possible: this is the root to mentorship!
  • Niamh reveals a curiosity of the Irish alphabet that you for sure had no idea about!

To learn more about Niamh, follow her on Instagram or check out her webpage.

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