31 minutes | Apr 13th 2021

Financial Habits Everyone Should Know with Snigdha Kumar from Digit

For many people, talking about finance might be overwhelming. The idea to invest sounds risky, and something that you can only do when you have a lot of money. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Snigdha Kumar is the head of product operations at Digit, an app that allows users to save and invest money in a very easy way—and she brought all the stats to prove it! Snigdha has spent the majority of her professional life working on increasing financial health for underserved communities. She believes that finance shouldn’t be something that makes us feel uneasy, and luckily for us, she shares a lot of tips to help us get started on the path to financial wellness.  Highlights:Snigdha grew up in India, where the government was focused on increasing access to financial services for everyone. It was due to this and her family history that she believed that finance can help people to achieve their dreams, and this belief motivated her to pursue a career path of increasing access to financial wellness.Be reckless: invest. Snigdha encourages us to start investing since it is the only way to build wealth over time. You don’t have to start with big and scary numbers: start small, gain confidence. There are also apps to help you get started.Snigdha was surprised to discover how important the credit system and scores are in the USA. She analyzes how the system works and why financially healthy people can be out of the credit space. Luckily, fintech companies are working to solve this problem and to help individuals to get access to the credit system.Hide the money from yourself! Many people struggle with saving money. Snigdha recommends starting with small amounts every day and hiding your savings, once you get that going, you’ll feel motivated to stay on track. And while many apps and programs focus on changing the behavior of the consumer to generate savings, Digit has a different approach that might be what you are looking for.What comes next? Snigdha shares the next steps for Digit: there will be new products to achieve financial health effortless and new investments for their users. Digit is available for iPhone and Android. You can find more information about the app on the website, and check their Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Sign up for The First Degree Membership! By becoming a member, we’re getting more intimate than ever! Get the Membership now! Check our past episodes of The Sixth Degree podcast! Remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Visit our website  
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