55 minutes | Nov 24th 2020

Lawyer Up: Jennifer Justice Talks Beyonce, Protecting Your IP, and Building Empires

Tune in for this empowering conversation on setting yourself up for success with the CEO and Founder of The Justice Dept., Jennifer Justice. JJ began her career as an entertainment attorney, working with clients like Jay-Z and Outkast. Since the beginning, she’s fought for gender equality and diversity in the workplace. Today, she’s here to share her wisdom on protecting yourself in business, including legal issues to consider, common mistakes to avoid, and forming a business partnership.

Today on The SimplyBe. Podcast:

  • How JJ came from nothing & built her career as an entertainment attorney
  • Why it’s critical that we advocate for gender equality & diversity in the workplace
  • Core legal issues to consider when upleveling your business
  • Women in business: how to protect yourself for success
  • A lawyer’s perspective on the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid
  • What to consider when forming a business partnership


Connect with Jessica:

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