27 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

How to Not Be Jealous of Anyone | SOLO

As we continue with the monthly intention of “Be. Free,” Jess shares how releasing feelings of jealousy helps us be, love, and honor our true selves. She explores her own past experiences with feeling triggered by women, and how unpacking unhealed wounds has allowed her to now celebrate other women’s success while owning her own. Today on The SimplyBe. Podcast:How Jess’s childhood impacted her relationship with jealousyThe difference between feeling jealous vs. being triggeredHow feeling envy is toxic for youUsing triggers to become aware of your unhealed woundsCelebrating others’ success while owning your ownExcerpt from Jess’s book, “Be.”This show is supported by:Organifi | Go to organifi.com/simplybe or use the code SIMPLYBE at checkout for 15% off.Preorder Jessica’s Book “Be.” here: jessicazweig.lpages.co/the-book-be Connect with Jessica:Sign-up for The SimplyBe. Society hereJessica’s Website: jessicazweig.comJessica’s IG: @jessicazweigSimplyBe.’s Website: simplybeagency.comSimplyBe.'s IG: @simplybeagencyJoin the Facebook Group: SimplyBe. SocietyThis show is produced by Soulfire Productions
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