53 minutes | Mar 9th 2021

160: How to create a life full of kindness - with Dr. Eva Ritvo

It feels like part of the healing process to get the world back on track with things is to create a life full of kindness. I mean, what if kindness was part of the answer to reigniting your joy and forging deeper connections with others? Count me in! My special guest today is psychiatrist Dr. Eva Ritvo and she’s simplifying how to create a life full of kindness.  There’s a wave of change (have you felt it, too?) where “kind media” is becoming more prominent in our culture. Shows like The Great British Bake Off and RuPaul’s Drag Race are paving the way, showing us how when we are kind to others, our hearts expand in empathy and compassion. We gain greater understanding of people who may not look, think, act or even, vote like us.  And maybe, just maybe… This might be the balm we need to squash the polarization, prejudice, and isolation we feel at times, too. But first, it starts within, finding kindness for yourself. Here’s how. My special guest today is Dr. Eva Ritvo and she’s simplifying how to create a life full of kindness. We tackle all aspects of it, including: What she learned whilst studying the science behind kindness… what the benefits are when we focus our lives more around kindness, rather than animosity In this day in age of isolation and disconnection due to the pandemic, she share where we must begin to attract kindness in our lives first and how to do it A few simple, practical ways to be more kind yourself, starting today, especially if your harsh inner critic has been louder than usual  How to be kind to others, including our “household bubble”, our clients, our co-workers, our neighbors and strangers, in big or small ways …and ultimately, she talked about the biggest lessons she learned when compiling the stories for her book, Bekindr. Q: Are you wanting to create a life full of kindness? If yes, this one is for you. It’s time to #DoTheThing! ---- Show notes available with all LINKS mentioned here: https://thesimplifiers.com/podcast/eva-ritvo-life-full-of-kindness
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