53 minutes | Jan 26th 2021

154: How to be the CEO of your well-being - with Naz Beheshti

Are you ready to step up and be the CEO of your well-being? If last year taught us anything at all, it reminded us of how incredibly important it is to take good care of our body, mind, and spirit in order to stay grounded through big change. Self-care is no longer a “should” but a “must-have” priority to maintain your well-being as an entrepreneur. My special guest today is author Naz Beheshti and she’s simplifying how to be the CEO of your well-being. Like a CEO, you’re setting the vision for the year ahead, making calculated predictions that will hopefully pay off in the months to come and equally, making cuts where necessary. All of this requires a whole new vantage point on how you live your life and a possible shift in your mindset to level up. Here’s how.  My special guest today is Naz Beheshti and she’s simplifying how to be the CEO of your well-being. We tackle and simplify all aspects of it, including: What she learned while working as Steve Jobs’ executive assistant, inside the pressure cooker of Silicon Valley… how this brilliant person took great care of himself and equally grew the Apple brand simultaneously  Her book is called “Pause. Breathe. Choose.” - we take a deep dive into all three sections and she defines what mindfulness could look like through a pandemic How to make better choices that will help us manage our stress and build resilience, using the ACE Method: acute, chronic, eustress …and ultimately, what the “3 P’s to well-being” are - pain, prana and purpose, understanding how we can tap into all three areas to our advantage, through our work. We also do a breathwork exercise together to build that prana life-force energy.  It was fascinating to hear her stories of working with Steve Jobs early on in her career, to really get an insider's peek into that world when Apple was booming.  And it certainly rings true for me… when I take good care of myself, get enough sleep, drink more water than coffee, move my body, take time to focus in on my breath, rest, reflect and prioritize it into my daily schedule, I become a better CEO for The Simplifiers. Opportunities (magically) open up and I achieve flow state for longer periods of time.   This is truly living a simplified, joy-filled life. And I hope today’s conversation sparks something new for you, as well. Q: Are you ready to be the CEO of your well-being? If yes, this one is for you. It’s time to #DoTheThing! ---- Show notes available with all LINKS mentioned here: https://thesimplifiers.com/podcast/naz-beheshti-be-the-CEO-of-your-well-being
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