45 minutes | Aug 5, 2021

The Field Inspector SideHustle

For more details on this podcast visit: https://www.sidehustlelounge.com/blog/ep17 Episode 17: There are many opportunities available to grow a Field Inspector side hustle.Blog Description:What is Field Inspecting and should you consider Field Inspecting as a side hustle, or a side hustle to your side hustle!Timestamps:31:38   With any gig job, you want to keep your areas small and you want to build up the volume you need by working for more customers. The efficiencies start to build when you're working for more companies. 34:47   I think that people who fail are those that don't have a high goal or they're afraid to get started. They're afraid to jump in and do the job.35:11   I noticed people are afraid at the beginning and that scares a lot of them away. I tell people if you really want to build up your confidence, get a pilot's license: learn how to fly!Full transcription of this podcast: https://www.sidehustlelounge.com/blog/ep17 This episode was produced and marketed by the Get Known Podcast Service: getknownstrategy.com/podcast-service
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