34 minutes | Jun 17, 2021

Grief After Creative Publication

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Episode 10: Understanding your feelings - including loss and grief, that can come when you complete a work of creative expression.

Blog Description:
There are a myriad of of feelings and emotions that can come as you work on and complete a creative work. Regardless if you are an author, a sculptor, a musician, a visual artist. Regardless if your work is for your own enjoyment or to share with the world, you can feel a variety of emotions as you move through the process. In this episode, we explore that experience.

9:02   The prevailing view is that we live in a materialist society and culture. Intuitive people see our world as more of a living consciousness.
13:10   Western culture gives us the message that "this is the way it is and if you think or feel outside of that, there is something wrong with you." Thats where the problem is!
22:16   We live in a society that is uncomfortable with "negative emotions" - we want to just move on.

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