11 minutes | Oct 24, 2018

Top 3 SEO Myths of Today? #ASKIrfan [S01E05]

In this episode, I answer a commonly asked question, "What are the top SEO myths of today?" IMHO, the top 3 SEO myths of today include: 1. SEO is D.E.A.D. 2. SEO is all about writing search engine optimized content. Yep, stuffing your article and its meta description with commercial keywords won't get you ranked (unless, perhaps, if you are working on local SEO, or an extremely rare low-competition industry) 3. Well, let's have you listen to the episode to find this one out ;) I also speak about: • The difference between old SEO and new SEO. Hint: One is spammy & low-quality while the other is better, nicer (to your readers and search engine bots), bigger & stronger. • What makes backlinking extremely critical to attaining sustainable and 'free' organic traffic (and no we ain't talking about low-quality, irrelevant backlinks harvested through software or spammy VAs). • And much more! ◉ PS: With this episode, I am starting a new format of the SIA Business Show whereby, from time to time, I will be doing solo episodes to answer questions listeners have asked me, or to share things that I would like to speak about. *** ◉ PPS: The original format (long-form interviews with distinguished entrepreneurs, marketers, speakers, creatives etc will continue).*** FOR SHOW NOTES & MORE, PLEASE VISIT ➔ https://www.syedirfanajmal.com/podcast/top-3-seo-myths-sia-s01e05/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/syedirfanajmal/message
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