12 minutes | Mar 30th 2019

🀄️Top 3 Mistakes of My ~6 Year Speaking Career [S02E02]

I went into speaking without much of a plan or a vision way back in the summer of 2013 when, frankly, I had hit rock bottom after having said farewell to company I was running with multiple co-founders.   It turned out that not only did I enjoy speaking, but it was a good way to position myself as an expert and authority which contributed to a decent flow of inbound leads.   More over, as I later found out, it was also a good excuse for me to enjoy "workactions" abroad once I committed to travel to a country only if I have secured a speaking gig (no matter how small) there.   While I've had the pleasure of speaking and events small and large in multiple countries, there were several mistakes that I've made. Here in this episode, I the biggest 3 which I hope no one else makes.   Check out the episode and enjoy!      --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/syedirfanajmal/message
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