18 minutes | Aug 25th 2019

📰Leveraging Newsjacking for Content Promotion [S02E04]

Since the Internet started till about 2009, it was much easier for an unknown blogger or a brand to become popular without spending anything (or much) on marketing. 🔝

The primary reason for that was that there were few content producers and too many content consumers.

Todays’ internet, however, is a different world. Today, everyone and their grandma is a blogger, a social media star, and an Instagram influencer.

Contrary to a decade ago, the ‘internet population’ of developed countries is largely stagnant, and the number of people producing content is increasing each day.

This means the competition is way tougher and we need some good strategies to solve this problem.

One such solution is newsjacking (also known as Real-Time Marketing).

🎯We discuss case studies of HootSuite, 7-Eleven, and Donald Trump to share how they leveraged newsjacking!

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