46 minutes | Jun 30th 2020

The Things We Think About the NBA's Return

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Showtime Podcast with Lakers Legend Michael Cooper

Ep. 10 The Insane Story Behind the Coaches of Showtime

Twitter: @ShowtimeCooper

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Coop and Ari Temkin discuss the return of the NBA, who the favorites are and what we think about the remainder of the 2020 season. Also, Coop discusses his least favorite part about the current NBA and lists his five favorite and five least favorite teammates of the Showtime era!


0:00 - 0:40 - Intro


0:40 - 3:09 - The return of NBA basketball and why it’s important, Avery Bradley’s decision to opt-out


3:10 - 4:53 - Balancing championship aspirations with guys who decide not to play to protect their families


4:54 - 7:39 - Will the adjusted schedule and bubble format actually work for the NBA?


7:40 - 9:55 - Parity of the NBA and who is going to win the championship this season?


9:56 - 11:38 - What should the approach to this restart be from a head coaches perspective?


11:39 - 12:26 - Do the attributes the Showtime Lakers had to win championships carry over to today’s game?


12:27 - 22:05 - Load management in today’s NBA - the positive’s and the negative’s, minutes in today’s NBA versus in the NBA of old 


22:06 - 24:39 - Not thinking of the fan’s when it comes to load management, utilizing a team’s bench in place of load management 


24:40 - 26:29 - The biggest differences between the NBA today and the NBA of year’s past


26:30 - 29:23 - What is meant by today’s game being played “inside out”


29:24 - 31:52 - The lack of physicality in the modern game and why it happened 


31:53 - 34:35 - The loss of “enforcer” type of players in todays game, the rarity of elite jump shooting teams


34:36 - 40:27 - Coop’s five favorite Laker teammates


40:28 - 45:47 - Coop’s five worst teammates 


45:48 - 46:07 - Outro 


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