43 minutes | Aug 3rd 2020

Showtime From the Guy Who Wrote it | Showtime Lakers Podcast with Michael Cooper

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Showtime Podcast with Lakers Legend Michael Cooper

Ep. 16 Showtime From the Guy who Wrote It  

Guest: Author, Jeff Pearlman

Twitter: @ShowtimeCooper

Ari Temkin: @arisports

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Coop visits with Jeff Pearlman who wrote the book: Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s. They discuss what he learned about the Showtime Era, great stories about the Celtics vs. Lakers rivalry and modern players who wouldn't be able to handle the NBA in the 1980's.


00:35 - 1:44

Why is Coop not on the cover of Jeff Pearlman’s book Showtime?


2:08 - 2:55

The importance of the Showtime Lakers and why Pearlman decided to write a book about the Showtime era of Lakers basketball. 


4:50 - 6:21

The evolution of the Showtime Lakers and how the pieces were all put in place, and all of the different guys that moved through the organization. The Lakers were the type of team that were far more advanced in scouting and the rest of the league missed on many hidden gems.


6:45 - 7:25

Kurt Rambis was one of the best characters on the Showtime Lakers.


7:20 - 9:39

How Jerry West was different as a general manager and how he was able to put the pieces in place.


Jeff Pearlman: “He’s an interesting guy because he shows you when he’s wounded.”


9:45 - 11:02 

Jerry West is one of the rare great all time athletes that also excelled in the front office, what is it about Jerry that made him successful in the general management and talent acquisition part? 


11:08 - 12:37

When Coop was coaching the Lakers with Magic for a brief stint, Coop noticed first hand how and why it’s difficult for a great all time player to become a coach.


12:45 - 14:37

The role of Claire Rothman in the Showtime Lakers and her relationship with Dr. Jerry Buss.


Jeff Pearlman: “You can make an argument Claire Rothman belongs in the basketball Hall-of-Fame.”


15:16 - 17:34

The most interesting time period for the Lakers, and a year span that changed the organization forever. The World Champion 1980 Lakers had one of the craziest years in the history of pro sports.


17:42 - 20:24

When did Paul Westhead lose the team in 1981? Why was Westhead’s firing pinned on Magic Johnson?


20:47 - 23:04 

What were the best things Jeff heard in his research for the SHowtime book about the Lakers vs. Celtics rivalry?


Jeff Pearlman: “I was very fascinated by Red Auerbach and just the lengths he would go to tilt the scales in their favor.” 


23:37 - 26:20

Coop and Pearlman on the 1984 Lakers and the Celtics victory in the championship. 


Cooper: “Their frontline: Bird, McHale and Parrish, was probably the best front line to ever play in the game of basketball.”


26:38 - 27:45

The story of Josh Rosenfeld and Robert Parrish. 


27:55 - 28:50

Jerry West and the title for the Lakers over the Celtics in 1985 and exercising the demons of the Celtics past with terrible loses for those great Lakers teams with Jerry West and Elgin Baylor.


28:58 -  29:44

Why most who won titles during the Showtime era of the Lakers will say the 1985 Lakers title was their favorite championship.


29:55  - 32:18

The history of the Lakers rivalry with the Celtics through Coop’s eyes as a kid growing up in the Los Angeles area. Will Coop ever have a friendly relationship with any former members of the Celtics?


32:30 - 33:22

Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the greatest basketball player ever?


33:28 - 34:26

Will Jeff Pearlman ghostwrite Coop’s book: “A View from the Bench”


34:37 - 35:10

Jeff Pearlman on why Carmelo Anthony would not have worked in Coop’s NBA. Melo would not translate to the 1980’s era of NBA basketball.


What players from the modern era could play in the 1980’s? 



The new book Jeff Pearlman is releasing about the Kobe/Shaq era Lakers.



Someone will write a great book from their experiences inside the NBA bubble.


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