51 minutes | Jul 13th 2020

How to Last in the NBA for Over a Decade

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Showtime Podcast with Lakers Legend Michael Cooper

Ep. 13 How To Turn In A NBA Career Spanning Nearly Two Decades.

Guest: Drew Gooden

Twitter: @ShowtimeCooper

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Coop welcomes Drew Gooden (@DrewGooden), who played in the NBA for more than a decade, and then played for Coop in the Big 3. Drew discusses playing at Kansas for Roy Williams, watching LeBron James play on his AAU team at 15 years old, and then playing with LeBron in Cleveland and what players are saying inside the bubble.


1:54 - 3:45 Why go to the University of Kansas being from Oakland, California? 

Roy Williams told Drew: “I’m not going to promise you a starting position. You are going to have to earn everything here. All the other schools were telling me you can start right away.” 


4:05 - 5:42 Drew’s experiences in being a high level recruit and playing in Sonny Vaccaro’s famed ABCD Camp.


5:46 - 7:02 How did Drew get into basketball and how much of an influence was his dad growing up?

Drew on his dad’s influence: “A lot of my peers didn’t have that growing up and I think that helped me separate myself in life.”


7:14 - 9:59 On Roy Williams’ influence and how he almost transferred out of Kansas.


10:12 - 11:16 How the incident that led him to nearly transferring from Kansas taught him a lot about life and basketball. 


Drew: “That taught me how valuable each possession is out there.”


13:17 - 16:52 Drew became the 4th pick of the Memphis Grizzlies, so what were his expectations after being a top 5 pick. 


Drew: “The conversation with Jerry West was: ‘You know I’m the guy who picked Kobe right?’”


17:53 - 19:08 Where did Drew’s toughness come from? How did he develop his toughness to play so long in the NBA?


20:10 - 22:15 What’s with Drew’s number choices over the years. He wore: 0 and 90 in his NBA career. 


22:25 - 25:46 Drew played with LeBron when he was first getting into the NBA, so what was LeBron like when he was coming up in the league?


26:04 - 27:42 Drew on LeBron’s development: “He didn’t really lift weights.”


29:33 - 31:00 Who is the toughest player Drew ever had to go against?


31:10 - 34:24 How much did the NBA change over the course of Drew’s career?

Drew: “I came in the league as a tweener, which was a knock. But, later on in my career, that’s actually the best position you want, a tweener.”


35:12 - 36:35 Coop’s Lightning Round

LeBron James

Mark Cuban

Barack Obama

Horace Silver

Michael Jordan

Roy Williams


36:55 - 39:50 Drew’s thoughts on the restart of the NBA and the Orlando Bubble. Drew also discusses his conversations with Bradley Beal and Aaron Gordon about their decisions on playing vs. not playing in the Orlando Bubble.


39:58 -  41:15 Would Drew play in the bubble if he were still in the NBA?


41:25 - 42:13 Drew has a surprise team in the East that he thinks could compete for an Eastern Conference Championship.


42:14 - 42:21 Drew’s final 4 prediction for the NBA’s Eastern and Western Conference Finals.


44:44 - 45:06 Who does Drew pick to win the NBA championship in 2020? 


45:09 - 46:40 Does Drew keep up with his Finnish heritage? Also Drew speaks in Finnish.


46:50 - 49:51 Coop and Drew on the Big 3 and Three’s Company

Drew: “I look at the Big 3 as the Senior PGA Tour mixed with the WWE.”

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