40 minutes | Aug 18th 2020

Greatest Players and Coaches in NBA History | Mychal Thompson | Showtime Podcast with Coop

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Showtime Podcast with Lakers Legend Michael Cooper

Ep. 18  Greatest Players and Coaches in NBA History 

Guest: Mychal Thompson

Michael Cooper: @ShowtimeCooper

Ari Temkin: @arisports

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 Mychal Thompson joins Michael Cooper and Ari Temkin on the Showtime Podcast to discuss the modern game, how the playoffs are shaking out in the bubble, what the NBA playoffs are missing and the greatest players and coaches in the history of the NBA.

1:20 - 3:51

They used to tell basketball players not to lift weights and that lifting weights would ruin your shot. Coop and Mychal Thompson discuss how much weight training and nutrition has evolved from the time they played to today.

5:10 - 6:10

Where does Mychal Thompson’s twitter game come from? 

6:20 - 7:10

Overall thoughts from Coop, Ari and Mychal Thompson on the NBA bubble and the competition. Mychal Thompson says there’s something missing from the NBA playoffs.

7:25 - 8:10

Are the same indicators of NBA playoff success still in play? Does experience matter in the bubble and how much will a lack of home court advantage matter in the outcome.

8:16 - 10:05

Is the NBA too soft now? 

Thompson: “The referees call every little bump especially on screens.” 

11:25 - 13:36 

Do the Blazers have a shot against the top seeded Lakers?

Thompson: “Portland is not an 8 seed. When they’re fully healthy they’re a 2 or 3 seed.”


14:55 - 15:43

Other series around the NBA. Who wins: Boston Celtics or Philadelphia 76ers?

Thompson: Celtics in 5

Ari: Celtics in 5

Cooper: Celtics in 5


15:44 - 17:12  

Raptors vs. Nets

Thompson: Raptors sweep

Ari: Raptors sweep

Coop: Raptors in 7


17:15 - 18:14

Mavericks vs. Clippers

Thompson: Clippers in 5

Ari: Clippers in 6

Coop: Clippers in 7


18:16 - 20:03

Rockets vs. OKC

Thompson: Rockets in 6

Ari: Thunder in 7

Coop: Thunder in 7

20:05 - 21:03

Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers

Thompson: Miami in 5

Ari: Miami in 5

Cooper: Indiana in 7


21:06 - 21:50

Orlando Magic vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Thompson: Bucks sweep

Ari: Bucks sweep

Coop: Bucks in 5


21:56 - 25:13 

Coop’s lightning round:

1- Black Lives Matter: “Why would that even be a question?”

2- Calvin Natt: “Magic told me, ‘man, Calvin Natt that’s one guy I didn’t want to guard.’”

3- Bobby Gross: “Wasn’t required to carry the team, but he was the kind of player every team needs to win a championship.”

4- Michelle Obama: “Talk about an accomplished lady, huh?”

5- Ghandi: “Wanted to do it through peaceful means.” 


25:23 - 28:00

Five best Point Guards in NBA history (not including current players)

28:03 - 29:08

Five best Shooting Guards in NBA history (not including current players)

29:10 - 30:48

Five best Small Forwards in NBA history (not including current players)

30:50 - 32:19

Five best Power Forwards in NBA history (not including current players) 

32:21- 33:58

Five best Centers in NBA history (not including current players)


Who is the greatest coach of all time?


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