53 minutes | Aug 21, 2019

12. Rob Dial: Mindset & Motivation Mastery

Today on “The Shine Strategy,” we have Rob Dial—a leader in the business and personal growth space—who is the founder of MWF Motivation. He's a published author, podcast radio host, blogger and speaker that engages with people from all over the globe to help them become the best version of themselves. He also has one of the top motivational podcasts in the world called “The Mind and Motivation Podcast,” which currently has a million downloads per month.Rob is incredibly open and honest about his story and journey into the self-help space, and he values authenticity as an important part of connecting with his audience and clients. His drive is crystal clear, and his resiliency is inspiring. Rob started out selling knives at 19 years old, and thanks to his unbelievable work ethic, he was running his own office by 21, and by 24, he had trained over 2000 sales reps. Four years ago, he decided to start a podcast by recording at home and has worked tirelessly to release over 650 episodes. Rob helps people through podcasting, blogging and book writing—teaching them to lead by example in every facet of their lives. Tune-in to learn about “info-sponging,” the aspects that set him apart, and how he makes money without compromising his mission.  For show notes and more, visit: podcast.theshinestrategy.com
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