81 minutes | Apr 12, 2022

Treating Hip Pain in Athletes - Part 1 (Anatomy and Exercise Patterns)

Today on the podcast we are taking a little bit of a detour and bringing you some medical information. 


As many people know, I'm a Physical Therapist and a Sports PT that works with a lot of athletes and treats a lot of different injuries. One thing I see a lot of is hip injuries. 


As part of my job role, I do a lot of work on educating medical providers on different injuries in gymnastics.


I run inservice training for doctoral students at Champion Physical Therapy clinic in Boston teaching anatomy, biomechanics, different assessments, and treatment styles.


I was asked by the students to do an in-depth inservice on hip issues. 


This one had some really valuable information so I wanted to make sure I put it up as a podcast to share with the gymnastic community.


I know there are a lot of physical therapists out there who are looking to learn more about hips and feel more comfortable treating people who are either having surgery or not.


But I hope this can also inform coaches too, building knowledge around injuries and the return to sports process.

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