131 minutes | Mar 15, 2022

The Path Forward for Gymnastics Culture Toward Happier, Healthier Coaches and Gymnasts with Kim Shore

Today’s podcast is a great one, I sit down and have an incredible discussion with Kim Shore, who was part of Gymnastics Canada’s Safe Sport which I did a series of webinars for on gymnastics culture.


We have talked a lot behind the scenes on this subject and I wanted to get Kim on the podcast to have an in-depth discussion about the reasons why some coaches or gyms become toxic, examples of people who are doing the right thing. Why there are still so many kids who are unhappy with their experience in the sport? Why are there so many burnt-out coaches? Why are there so many gym owners frustrated with finances or their staff? 


We dig in deep, and for the first time in a podcast, I share my honest thoughts on what I think are the real core issues. 


As well as that, I talk openly about when I was really struggling as a younger coach and what I went through to crawl myself out of depression and burnout due to a lot of these cultural issues in our gym. 


So what can you do to crawl through some of these really challenging problems, that a lot of people deal with culturally? 


And how can you as a listener, right now in your car, on your run, at home, doing dishes, how can you change things to make positive progress towards your goals, what you want out of gymnastics, to make others happy, and most importantly for you to be happier as well?

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