53 minutes | Oct 11, 2022

The Gymnastics Injury Concepts Everyone Must Know

This week's podcast is the first lecture from our recent and very popular 2022 Gymnastics Rehabilitation Virtual Summit.


The three-day event was aimed at helping medical providers who work with gymnasts, gymnastic coaches, and S&C coaches learn the exact exercises, manual techniques, and programs needed to treat gymnastic injuries.


In this lecture, I explain the five phases of rehab. 


When working I work with an injury, implementing these phases in order and following the timelines I have an excellent success metric. 


This is my step-by-step guide from the beginning incident to a smooth return to sport along with exercises to get above and beyond your past level of strength, power, capacity, and flexibility.



I discuss:


Main focuses for each of the 5 phases of injuries. 


Why manual therapy is not the main thing I do. 


The importance of interdisciplinary care in pain management.


What are the five phases of rehab?


When to progress between phases of recovery.


The importance of maintaining workload.




An example of a 12-week ACL program.


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