59 minutes | Sep 7, 2021

The Current State of Gymnastics Culture and Changes Ahead

This week on the podcast I am very excited to share with you an amazing conversation I had with Dr. Altamash and Dr. Darsh, who host their own podcast Medicine Redefined, which they invited me on. This is part one of two podcasts. In this first part, we really dig into the gymnastic stuff they were curious about, such as gymnastics culture, Simone Biles Olympics, and what it means in terms of mental health and how that impacts other athletes. 


We DISCUSS; why is puberty still not normalized in the sport of gymnastics?


My thoughts on Simone Biles Olympics and the impact it has had on our sport.


At what age should you start talking about mental health with athletes and what type of exercises to use to develop mental toughness.


Why the age of entry into the sport is not the biggest determinant of who does well, long term.




How is the culture of gymnastics, now improving.

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