101 minutes | Oct 5, 2021

The Compulsory and Excel Coaching Episode: Practice Tips, Tricks, and Problem Solving with Victoria Cunningham

This week on the podcast, we finally dive into a highly requested topic that is; Compulsories and Excel gymnastics. My guest today is Victoria Cunningham, who owns Flight Athletics Academy in Tennessee, and we talk about these programs, the common issues, and how she’s overcome them. She also puts out great YouTube content of her compulsory and lower levels gymnasts drills and physical preparation, breaking down exactly why she does what she does. I really think people are going to love this episode, so please do me a massive favor and support Victoria by checking out her YouTube channel, which I know everyone can learn from:




We DISCUSS; what is the foundation of gymnastics and how to build it successfully.


The ESSENTIAL things you need to cover every gymnastics session no matter how many hours you train.


EASY ways to teach body tension and handstands to beginner gymnasts.


HOW to effectively plan your time with limited hours in the gym.




HOW to spot athletes when they're really tall compared to you or don't do a lot of hours in the gym to do physical preparation to get all the flexibility and strength they need to develop skills.

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