81 minutes | Nov 23, 2021

Nick Ruddock's 8 Essential Tips for Maximizing Gymnastics Skill Progress

Today is episode 150 of The Shift Show! A big thank you to all the listeners for your continued support. Who better to have on our 150 episode than my good friend, Nick Ruddock a high-performance consultant who has worked with over 22 nations around the world from club level all the way up to the Olympic level. In the gymnastics community right now there is a lot of people who are frustrated with the technical aspect of gymnastics and they feel as though the athletes they work with aren't making progress, that things aren't really working. Nick has been grateful enough to come on and share what he has learned from his experience working with high-performing clubs. Which he has broken down into 8 essential tips that any level coach across the world can use to get better technical performance of your gymnasts, making sure that you’re getting the most out of each practice and making progress.

We DISCUSS; How to increase the intensity of training and the work ethic of the athletes and coaches.

The importance of not rushing to fulfill gymnasts' long-term potential.

Why you should prioritize the simple things.

Those that learn the most, do the most in gymnastics.

Nick’s brand new must-have Gymnastics App!

Nick has just launched a ridiculously amazing, new Gymnastics Growth App with everything you could possibly need in one place, including an exercise library with floor drills, bar drills, and line drills.

If you want to check it out click the link below:


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