75 minutes | Feb 7, 2023

Nick Ruddock Shares His Best Uneven Bar Methods for Giants, Flyaways, and Cast Handstands

Today on the podcast, we have a fan favorite, my good buddy, Nick Ruddock is back on the show, and holy moly, are people gonna want to listen to this episode.

Former British Junior National Coach, Nick is now a high-performance consultant who has worked with over 22 nations around the world from club all the way up to the Olympic level.

I always love picking Nick's brain as he is a wealth of gymnastic technical knowledge.  

Today we focus specifically on bars which is the apparatus people really struggle with because of how unique it is compared to the other events.

Nick has created a fantastic system that works through basic principles for coaches to think about when teaching skills bars.

As well as this he has phenomenal drills and a way to translate drills into successful skills. 

We discuss:

Why stripping away a program is as good as adding things in.

5 principles you need to teach fantastic bars.

How to master a perfect swing on bars.

The fastest way to improve bars.

Nicks's top tips to get your kip.

The secret to mastering giants. 

What is best, a straight body or a straddle giant?

Should you tap over the bar? 


How to build confident dismounts.

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