65 minutes | Nov 9, 2021

How to Have Your Best Competitive Gymnastics Season Part 2 - Pre Season

Today on the podcast is part two of the four-part series on how to get the most success out of the competitive year in gymnastics. In the first lecture, I discussed the foundational concepts of the competitive year. In this episode, we deep dive how to approach the preseason. How do we get ready for skills? Turn those skills into combinations? What workouts can we do to help build routine endurance and build mental confidence to help get ready for the meet season? I talk about strength conditioning and how to turn the strength gains from the offseason into explosive power that will show up in routines. Sharing important research, some of my favorite workouts, programs, and templates that I've used successfully with my own gymnasts but also Club, College, and Elite teams I have consulted with around the world. 


I DISCUSS; the main goals of a preseason.


The best cardio routines you should be doing to get your athletes ready for harder routines.


What you can do in the preseason to really prepare athletes physically, mentally, and emotionally.


The hourglass analogy.


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