53 minutes | Nov 2, 2021

How to Have Your Best Competitive Gymnastics Season Part 1 - Foundations

This week on the podcast, we are kicking off an extremely exciting four-part adventure that has been highly requested by my Hero Lab members, about how to get the most success out of the competitive year in gymnastics. When you look at the competitive year it often becomes overwhelming with what should you be focusing on in the preseason versus the in-season versus the offseason? What is the best strength conditioning, cardio, or approach routine development? I don't have the golden answer that's going to fit everyone. But I'm fortunate over the last 10 years, I've worked with 1000s of gymnasts, as a coach, medical provider, consultant, researcher. Plus learning from phenomenal coaches, I have been able to practically take all of their experiences with my scientific background, and turn it into a successful model of how to approach the competitive year.  In this first lecture, I am going to take people through my state of the approach of what I do right now, starting with some background principles, things we have to know to be successful first, for all parts of the seasons.    I DISCUSS; the basic equation of human adaptation.   How do you find the optimal dose of stress?   Load and recovery cycles.   ALSO…   The 4 main categories you should be focusing on all year round.   If you would like to see the full lecture and slides head to my online group Hero Lab:   https://shiftmovementscience.com/theherolab/
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