76 minutes | May 18, 2021

How To Build Explosive Power in Gymnasts with Diwesh Poudyal

Today on the podcast a second quick appearance, due to popular demand, my friend and co-worker from Champion Physical Therapy and Performance Diwesh Poudyal. Head of Strength and Conditioning and Director of Fitness working with athletes every day, single-handedly programming for all the NCAA gymnasts, Division One to Three, and Elite Gymnasts that we work with at our facility and have high level, national team, and Olympic caliber goals. All the way down to athletes who just want to have fun. We're back because the sprinting podcast was super popular and we've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to develop some resources that people I think are gonna be very excited to learn from and dispelling some of these myths about gymnast lifting weights. We DISCUSS why strength training is SO beneficial and the performance benefits you will get if you sprinkle it into your offseason. At WHAT age should gymnasts start lifting?  WHY having a general fitness base and more movement variability throughout the year helps with injury reduction.  WHAT makes a well-rounded potential athlete? Filling in the gaps of what athletes are not getting in their gymnastics training.  HOW many times should you strength train per week? What goes into a program? What movements do you do? Where do you start!?! Equipment you should INVEST in when starting strength training on a budget. ALSO… HOW to make strength training fun. ENROL NOW! Peak Gymnastics Power Exactly How To Build Explosive Power in Gymnast Now Available for Public Enrollment www.shiftmovementscience.com/pgpcourse RELATED EPISODES: EPISODE 115- THE 3 STEPS FOR BUILDING EXPLOSIVE SPEED AND POWER IN GYMNASTICS EPISODE 105 – THE FUTURE OF GYMNASTICS STRENGTH TRAINING AND OVERCOMING CULTURAL BARRIERS WITH ANNE MARIE ALF EPISODE 98 – BUILDING GYMNASTICS POWER AND SPEED WITH ELLIE BLACK’S STRENGTH COACH, SCOTT WILLGRESS EPISODE 79 – COLIN VAN WICKLEN ON RETURNING TO TRAINING, WEIGHT LIFTING, AND OFF SEASONS IN GYMNASTICS
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