76 minutes | Jan 4, 2022

How To Boost Gymnastics Performance Using Gymnastics Strength Coaches with Dan Lonsdale

In today’s episode, I’m super pumped to have my buddy and expert strength and conditioning coach Dan Lonsdale back on to dive into exactly how coaches can go about working with great strength conditioning coaches, as this is something that has officially become part of the gymnastic culture.    But it can be really hard to find a great strength conditioning coach who understands the sport of gymnastics.   Dan works with a breadth of clubs around the UK to help get the most out of athletes' performance.   He has an amazing technical knowledge of what exercises are great for gymnasts to do and how many reps and sets, when to do them, and the best approach to the in-season versus the offseason.    So I wanted to have Dan back on because a lot of people are now approaching this hybrid model of training and want to get involved with a strength coach this year but don't really know where to start.   WE DISCUSS; The development of strength and conditioning in gymnastics in the past 10 years.   It’s not all about lifting weights.   Saving gymnastics coaches time and getting more time on the events.   Dan’s approaches throughout the seasons.   Why rest is key.   And…   What would a workout look like?
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