51 minutes | May 9, 2023

Helping Shoulder Pain and Labral Tears in Gymnasts with Mike Scaduto

In this informative podcast episode, Mike Scaduto DPT, TPI, C-PS, a physical therapist specializing in shoulder treatment, joins the discussion to shed light on common shoulder injuries in gymnasts and baseball players. 

Mike is a former 14-year competitive baseball player and currently is working towards his goal of playing competitive golf at the amateur and club level.

He graduated from Northeastern University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and a B.S. in Rehabilitation Sciences. 

Mike offers valuable insights into the causes of labral tears, rotator cuff strains, and instability, providing a preview of his upcoming lecture at the 2023 Shifts Symposium.

He delves into the reasons behind shoulder pain and injuries in gymnastics and overhead sports, unraveling the complexities of labral tears, rotator cuff issues, and instability problems.

We go over comprehensive treatment strategies, including strengthening exercises, progressions, manual therapy techniques, flexibility training, and personalized strength conditioning programs for athletes recovering from shoulder injuries.

We discuss:

The intricate balance of hypermobility and adaptive stiffness in overhead athletes.

What are the main causes of shoulder injuries?

The difference between dislocation and micro-instability. 

Improving rotator cuff stability. 

What to do with micro-instability in overhead athletes? 

Shoulder exercises you need to be doing.

How long does it take to recover from a shoulder injury?


Why graded exposure to stress translates into stronger bodies and confident minds.

Whether you're a healthcare professional, strength coach, or gymnastics enthusiast, Mike's lecture at the Shifts Symposium promises to be a must-watch. 



for ticket information and join the virtual event for a deep dive into current injury trends and effective treatment approaches.


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