63 minutes | May 31, 2022

Gymnastics Energy Systems with Chris Hinshaw

Today on the podcast, we are bringing back one of our most popular episodes with Chris Hinshaw one of the most world-renowned endurance coaches in the world.


Founder of aerobiccapacity.com, Chris is an ex Ironman Competitor and expert in energy systems and aerobic capacity work. 


I met him through Power Monkey Camp and in the last six years, I have learned so much from this gentleman that I cannot say his praises enough. 


He has extensive knowledge and practical experience in developing aerobic capacity in athletes of all experience levels using his comprehensive, cutting-edge approach to training.


Plus coaching 32 Crossfit Games Champions. 


I wanted to reshare this podcast as it's close to summer now and a lot of people are trying to plan what to do for S&C, cardio circuits, and workouts to build gymnasts' energy systems in their Offseason training. 


He has great ideas about what gymnasts should be doing for cardio and energy systems training.


We discuss:



Understanding your athletes to get faster adaptations.


How to create a more well-rounded athlete


Lactate clearance workouts.


Fatigue not fear.


The routine between routines. How to use that time to maximize the performance of your next routine.


Why recovery might be your biggest weakness.




How to train recovery with workouts.


We are also 10 days away from the 2022 shift symposium, which is mind-boggling. 


This is the final week that you can sign up for tickets, so do not miss out! Head over to:




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