53 minutes | Sep 13, 2022

Exactly How To Improve Shoulder Mobility

Today I am very excited to bring to you a second episode I did as a guest, on my good friend Chad Vaughn's phenomenal podcast; The Barbell Mobility Podcast. 


Chad is a two-time Olympic weightlifter, now a phenomenal Olympic weightlifting coach himself and I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for the last six years at Power Monkey Camp.


The last episode was A Step by Step Guide to Improving Flexibility and today will be a masterclass on shoulder mobility issues. 


We explain exactly how you can help athletes of all abilities improve their overhead shoulder flexibility.



We discuss:



What are eccentrics and how do they improve flexibility. 


The importance of good shoulder mobility and how it relates to shoulder stability.


How to tell if it’s a mobility or technical issue.


Which muscles cause shoulder flexibility issues?


How to improve a squat.


Why the repetitive nature of sports makes certain muscles very prone to stiffness.


Being under a barbell is just like being in a handstand, so training both can improve both.



I hope you enjoy this episode of Chad, head on over and check out: The Barbell Mobility Podcast.



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