67 minutes | Jan 11, 2022

Essential Trampoline Drills and Progressions with Elite Coach Steve Gluckstein

Today on the podcast I’m joined again by former trampolinist and US Junior National Team Coordinator Steve Gluckstein. In his previous episode discussed the benefits of weightlifting and strength training for gymnasts and his experiences as an Olympic level trampoline coach. I wanted him back on to talk more specifically about the Trampoline and TNT disciplines, as lots of people requested advice and ideas around skills and progressions in this domain.


WE DISCUSS; The base level skills and drills your athletes need to master before you even think about harder skills.


The strength and conditioning work you should be spending more time on.


Why the flexibility demands are more intense in trampolining.


The systematic progressions for a back tuck.


How to spot on the trampoline.




The great hotdog debate.


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