72 minutes | May 3, 2022

Chellsie Memmel on Gymnasts Lifting Weights and Her Gymnastics Conditioning Routine

Today on the podcast I am super flattered to welcome back Chellsie Memmel for another epic episode.


The 2005 World All-Around Champion, the third American woman to achieve this feat, and Beijing Olympic Team member.


Chellsie now 33 years of age and mom of 2, made a phenomenal gymnastic comeback in 2020 documenting her inspiring journey on her YouTube channel, and competed again after 9 years at the U.S. Classic and National Championships in 2021.


I wanted to have Chellsie back on the show to have a conversation about the differences and benefits of adding weight training to gymnastics, and how her ideas on conditioning have changed and developed from when she was younger training for the Olympics versus now as an adult gymnast. 


We discuss:


What does a week of training and conditioning look like for Chellsie Memmel?


How Chellsie implemented external weight training into her conditioning.


What advice Chellsie would tell her younger self.


Chellsie’s top tips on taking care of your body and recovery to keep training. 


Understanding the fear of gaining weight from eating or lifting weights and the advice you need to know.


Why gymnastics isn’t just for kids it's for adults too.




Everything you need to know about the first Gymnastics Camp for Adults.

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