97 minutes | Mar 22, 2022

Building Explosive Power in Gymnasts with Hybrid Strength Programs (Part 1)

Today on the podcast I was asked by the Women's Collegiate Gymnastics Association, to give lectures to all of the NCAA coaches on strength conditioning for gymnasts.

A blended model, which is gymnastic specific, rope climbs and handstands, balanced with weight training and proper exercises is the most effective way to build explosive power in gymnasts. 

Reducing injury risk and increasing performance which is: strength conditioning. 

We discuss: What is power and how do we increase force?

Examples of what movement patterns gymnastics skills use and exercise that replicate them and can be trained and improved outside the gym.

But doesn’t lifting weights make gymnasts bulky?

How to avoid losing flexibility doing weight training.

Understanding periodization, dosing athletes correctly, and examples of yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily programs for athletes.

Where should you place your weight training during the week in order to get the most out of it without sacrificing the effectiveness of technical gymnastic practice due to soreness and fatigue? 

A substitute for rope climbs.


Will gymnastics ever be able to use objective external metrics to monitor athlete workloads?


All the articles, research papers, and books mentioned can be found here:



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