81 minutes | May 25, 2021

A Hard Conversation about Ethics and Morals in Gymnastics with Thomas Elder

Today on the podcast I’m very excited to bring you a thought-provoking and important conversation about cultural change, morals, and ethics of coaching with Tom Elder. Assistant coach for the University of Pennsylvania and the Temple Men's Team as well as an advisor for full-out recruiting services. In addition to coaching for 13 years, he also has an extensive education in Philosophy. A lot of his research is focused, child autonomy in abuse in youth sports, which is obviously a very important topic that we're dealing with right now in gymnastics.   We DISCUSS what is Ethics and how is it relative to gymnastics?   Gymnastics CRISIS with autonomy.   Four years of being a successful gymnast are NOT worth 40 years of having to take the elevator.   As your morals appropriate and relevant? Where is the boundary line? Are we starting to impose values on children?   The IMPORTANCE of consent.    Is the sport really progressing? Or is it just getting HARDER.   ALSO…   The DIFFERENCE between discipline and obedience.    RELATED EPISODES: EPISODE 111- CHANGING “UNSPOKEN NORMS” IN GYMNASTICS WITH NATALIE BARKER-RUTCHI EPISODE 109 – HOW COACHING STYLES IMPACT PERFORMANCE AND HEALTH IN ATHLETES EPISODE 106 – GYMNAST ALLIANCE AND A CALL FOR CHANGE WITH JENNIFER PINCHES AND CLAIRE HEAFFORD EPISODE 99 – “THE WAY WE’VE ALWAYS DONE IT” – 7 DANGEROUS WORDS IN GYMNASTICS   ENROL NOW! Peak Gymnastics Power Exactly How To Build Explosive Power in Gymnast Now Available for Public Enrollment www.shiftmovementscience.com/pgpcourse
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