45 minutes | Jan 17, 2023

A Discussion on Training Hours in Young Gymnasts, Lifting Weights, and Culture Change Progress

This week's podcast I was asked to go on Brett Scott's podcast who owns and runs Barbell Therapy and Performance which specializes in rehabbing and coaching athletes to perform at their highest abilities. 

They offer physical therapy and recovery services, personal training, and performance coaching for barbel athletes and gymnasts.

We have a great conversation about positive changes that have happened in gymnastics, but also things that coaches, gymnasts, and medical providers are still struggling with. 

Such as how many hours should young gymnasts train, gymnasts lifting weights, injuries, and in particular back injuries.

We discuss:

How much training is too much training?

Should gymnasts, especially in the pubescent/adolescent stage be training gymnastics year-round? Or should they be focusing on being a multi-sport athlete?

What is overtraining? 

Where do you start with someone who’s not hit puberty, not got their menstrual cycle, and has a stress fracture/ type of pain or injury?

How many calories do gymnasts burn? 

How many times a week should someone be doing a legitimate strength and conditioning type program for gymnastics? And what should that include?


Should every gymnast be stretching? 

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