13 minutes | Apr 24, 2019

Episode 2: Your Goal-Setting Remedy

Welcome to The SheBoss Podcast with Alexis Fortier! This podcast is for female entrepreneurs who want to up-level their business and increase their income without the overwhelm. It's time to flourish, grow, and unleash your inner SheBoss! In this episode, I'm spilling the prescription to all of your goal-setting ailments! Maybe you end up procrastinating big time and you fall short of your goals or you might even drop off the bandwagon completely? Believe me, I've been there - but enough of wondering why you can't seem to complete your goals because I've got the remedy and I'm even dishing out a free template you can get started with!Go here to get your FREE 90-Day Goals Trello board!WebsiteInstagramFacebookGot some awesome content ideas? Let me know!
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