24 minutes | Aug 18, 2019

Instagram is Killing my Confidence

There are good and bad sides to social media, but not many of us even pay attention to how all that scrolling is really affecting us. You won't want to miss this conversation. We are chatting with professional psychologist Patreece Hairston Peetz, about the negative effects of social comparison. RSVP - For the #SheClub: Happy Hour, August 23rd, 2019 Join the Conversation SheClubs are the best way to join the conversation and chat with some of your girlfriends about the topic. Use this interactive pdf as a guide for your discussion. We want to see you, so don't forget to use the hashtag #sheclub @shesegmentpodcast when posting.  Follow us: @shesegmentpodcast on IG/ Facebook Email: shesegmentpost@gmailDOTcom
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