29 minutes | Mar 11, 2018

TSG 47: Definitive Guide to Improving Your Credit

Gentlemen, having a crap credit score is not only an ungentlemanly thing to have, but it's also completely fixable. There are resources, tricks, and actions you can take to completely change your score, so today, we're going over the definitive guide to improving your credit score, and keeping it that way. The first thing to understand about credit health and your score, is that it isn't something that mysteriously appeared at no fault of your own doing. It takes a while to ruin credit, and it subsequently takes a while to bring it back into the high numbers. Well, usually if you do it yourself. If you have a team of credit experts to help, you can make ridiculously significant improvements in just a couple of months. More on that in a minute. Whether you're looking to raise your score to make a big purchase (home, car, boat, etc.), or you've seen the power of good credit in other people's purchases and you want it for yourself, your biggest obstacle may not be what you think. In today's episode, I'll share my credit catastrophe, explain the basics of credit, the laws that are actually on YOUR side, and the secrets to getting your scores, your reports, and your life on a whole new level. This is, after all, the definitive guide to improving your credit score and keeping it that way. At the end, I have a special deal for you that might just be the jump-start you need to finally get your credit cleaned up and corrected.
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