24 minutes | Feb 11, 2018

TSG 46: How to Win Valentine's Day

My wife and I are a good example of opposites attracting. I'm a hopeless romantic and she's much more practical. I'll plan grand gestures of romance, cloaked in secrecy for surprise, and deliver a symphony of Kodak moments we'll cherish forever. It's all orchestrated for my own satisfaction. I do it because it's fun for me. Yes, of course, she enjoys the romance, but grand gestures aren't really that important to her. So I do it for me. This exact truth got me thinking about all of you guys. Do you know what your significant other wants? I mean, truly wants...  Not what kind of jewelry she wants, or whether chocolate is better than flowers. No, I'm talking about what makes her feel the most appreciated, most valued, most heard, most loved – her love language. Look, you can keep up the charade and buy flowers and chocolates for Valentine's day, or you can hear me out and take your relationship to another level. This episode is dedicated to deepening your relationship by exploring her love language, your love language, and the ridiculously powerful impact it will have in your life. Ready to step up your love game? Take a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below. [Subscribe Here]
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