19 minutes | Jan 14, 2018

TSG 44: How to Become a Dependable Man of Your Word

One of the things that we all strive to be is dependable as men. We want to be strong providers and trusted unconditionally. We want to be honorable men, even if many of us aren't exactly sure what that means. We like, and often romanticize the Gentleman's Agreement. When we are told something is going to happen, we want to believe it. We like the idea that "he's a man of his word," and "he's a good man, he'll come through." You want to be "a man of your word," but how do you get there? What makes one a man of his word and how do you become a dependable man of your word? In this episode of the podcast, we're exploring commitments, choices, and an amazing concept of being and doing "because I said I would."
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