29 minutes | Aug 19, 2021

318: Episode 318: Winning NFL Mindsets with Ryan Noonan

Host Rob Cressy is joined by 4for4 Football Director of Betting Ryan Noonan to discuss the upcoming NFL season. Ryan and Rob discuss: - Winning mindsets for prop betting heading into the season. - The relevance of key numbers in various prop markets. - The mentality of how books will set prop lines and associated juice. - Getting your best value from shopping around early. - Translating fantasy knowledge to betting, and remaining detached. - Weighing uncertainty vs. opportunity: a Miami Dolphins case study. - Buying into narratives heading into the season.  You can find Ryan on Twitter @RyNoonan. Connect with Rob Cressy @robcressy on Twitter and send in your feedback, best bets and bad beats. Be sure to subscribe, rate and review The Sharp 600 podcast.
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