58 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

Encore Duffy and Elizabeth Healey, Owners of Healey Publishing and Authors of, “Sea Voices” www.seavoices.com Mariela Kleiner, Author of “Meet Einstein” http://meeteinstein.com

The Sea Voices Book is a collection of the World’s Leading Ocean Experts, Scientists, Environmentally Conscious Celebrities and Musicians, Artists, Authors, Activists, Filmmakers, Surf Industry Leaders, Businesspeople, Royalty, and more. Go to http://healeypublishing.com Meet Einstein. He is a scientist who loves to study light and gravity. In this book, Einstein helps to introduce your kids to science, and show them that they are already great scientists! Light and gravity are concepts that preschoolers are ready to learn. Help them make the connections in everything they see and do, and teach them that science is all around them. Meet Einstein includes a section for parents to learn about Einstein, so they can help their kids learn more about him and explore the concepts in this book. Go to: http://meeteinstein.com
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