57 minutes | Oct 27th 2020

SRC 011: Learning to Love and Forgive Yourself – Recovery Coaching

With addiction comes lies, deceit, and betrayal. However, with recovery can come the looming after effects of guilt, shame, and regret. When we get sober, we must learn to love, forgive ourselves, and make peace with our past.  Acknowledging the mistakes we’ve made and moving forward is often easier said than done. Forgiving ourselves requires empathy, compassion, loving, and understanding. It also requires us to accept that forgiveness is a choice. How to Forgive Yourself In addition, many of us can hold onto our past mistakes that we feel are not forgivable. We live in fear of forgetting the hurt. Reliving and replaying these feelings over again, we re-traumatize ourselves. However, forgiving does not mean forgetting and staying in this pattern can get us stuck and create a risk for relapse. Learning to love and forgive ourselves is essential to our personal growth, sobriety, and success.  In this week’s SHAIR Recovery Coaching call, the group helped Dustyn who is facing the wreckage of his past. Feeling shame, guilt, anger, and frustration, he’s stuck in self-remorse and self-hatred from his past action in addiction. How do we learn to love and forgive ourselves? The group helps Dustyn put together a step-by-step action plan to begin the healing process of making peace with the past and most importantly, ourselves. In this week’s Recovery Coaching call, you’ll learn: What a “win” journal is and how to create one Practical steps to take to begin forgiving ourselves How to begin to repair the damage of the past to reconstruct our life How to distinguish between our behavior and our true selves For the show notes and links for this episode go to theshairpodcast.com/011. ***  Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle and Feel Better Now! Join the SHAIR Recovery Community and live alcohol-free - theshairpodcast.com/join-the-src.  ***  Get 1-on-1 Life Coaching with Omar Pinto! For more information and a FREE consultation go to omarpinto.com/coaching.
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