54 minutes | Sep 29th 2020

SRC 009: Outgrowing Your Spouse or Partner in Recovery

Relationships are a two way street, but you can’t make your partner or spouse recover with you. Sometimes when we’re in the midst of a healing journey, we outgrow the people we love. While you may still be head-over-heels in love with the person, you’ve started to notice that you want different things in life, or that you’re going in two separate directions.  Maybe you want more, and your spouse or partner is content where they are. There’s nothing wrong with wanting different things, however, this could be a telltale sign that you’re outgrowing your spouse or partner in recovery.  So what, exactly, do we do in this situation?  In this week’s SHAIR Recovery Coaching call, the group helped Cyndy. Feeling angry, frustrated, and sad within her marriage, she feels her personal development and recovery work have created new opportunities and goals in her life. She wonders if her or her husband have any commonalities anymore. Feeling stuck, the group helps her make an informed decision about the next step to take in her marriage. In today’s Recovery Coaching call, you’ll  learn: What happens when we deny our true desires How to make informative decisions that empower us How to effectively communicate with our partner How to step into our truth and create self-fulfillment For the show notes and links for this episode go to theshairpodcast.com/009. ***  Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle and Feel Better Now! Join the SHAIR Recovery Community and live alcohol-free - theshairpodcast.com/join-the-src.  ***  Get 1-on-1 Life Coaching with Omar Pinto! For more information and a FREE consultation go to omarpinto.com/coaching.
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