78 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

SP 289: The Recovery Hour with Lori Windfeldt

After the loss of her Father, Brother, and Aunt, and a failed business, Lori Windfeldlt found her first sip of alcohol, “glorious.” As a stay at home mother, her habit continued to escalate until she had the realization that she lost her identity in a bottle of wine. Upon reaching her rock bottom moment, she found herself in a state of surrender asking for help.  Lori entered into a treatment facility and quickly learned that she also suffered from other co-occurring disorders including anxiety, depression, and unresolved trauma. Upon getting sober and learning more about herself, Lori discovered that sobriety and recovery were extremely different and there was more to recovery than just, “not drinking.” Today, Lori is a Certified Professional Coach, Podcast Host, and Recovery Advocate and explores the entire spectrum of  what the word recovery entails. With a “tell it like it is” approach to life, Lori supports all things recovery in her own unique and trenchant style. Ending her tumultuous career as a drunken housewife in 2015, Lori has devoted herself to a life of recovery advocacy, joining the crusade to end the stigma, shame and embarrassment conventionally tied to mental illness, the disease of addiction, and recovery itself. As a former Executive who climbed the corporate ladder for companies such as Microsoft and Charles River Laboratories, to a Franchisee turned stay-at- home Mom, Lori has the experience and expertise that allows her to specialize in mentoring Executives and Housewives alike.   Lori shares her dynamic personality as host and producer of the international sensation, The Recovery Hour Podcast. Chosen as one of Sierra Nevada’s Top 20 Powerful Women, Lori is a fixture in her community, providing service, sharing inspiring stories and proving we can and do recover.  In addition to Lori's social and media presence, she lends her expertise and experiences to clients as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) and is a She Recovers® designated Coach. In 2020, Lori was certified as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist by the state of Nevada. Lori works virtually with recovering  men, women, and non-binary individuals across the globe, with a focus on strengths-based and trauma informed recovery modalities. For the show notes and links for this episode go to theshairpodcast.com/289. ***  Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle and Feel Better Now! Join the SHAIR Recovery Community and live alcohol-free - theshairpodcast.com/join-the-src.  ***  Get 1-on-1 Life Coaching with Omar Pinto! For more information and a FREE consultation go to omarpinto.com/coaching.
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