51 minutes | Jan 25, 2016

6 - Launching A Digital Marketing Agency With Mark Luckenbaugh

This year is the year that digital media takes off even higher than it ever has before, and in today's episode #6 with Mark Luckenbaugh, we gave you the blueprint to start, promote, and get your new or existing digital marketing agency to take off in 2016. Listen, we all know the internet the place to be for local businesses, and that means demand for digital media products and services, such as SEO, Website Design, Social Media marketing, Reputation management, and so much more. If you have or ever have wanted to start up your very own agency, this episode is made for you. We don't hold anything back, as we dive head first into what it takes to make it happen. From the tools you need to even the office furniture, there is nothing we didn't go over. This is the best way to work for yourself, and grow, earning unreal incomes, and prospering in the process. Thanks again to Mark for sharing so much great information, we are so blessed to be working in this amazing industry, and hope that people watching and listening to this episode will get the confidence to make their dreams into reality.
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