38 minutes | Jan 11, 2016

4 - Local Client SEO Consulting With Mike Chrest

This was another jam and value packed episode #4, this time chatting with the down to earth Mike Chrest about how to rock it doing local client SEO consulting. Mike was able to open up about how he gets clients for his successful local business, as well as how he actually services them once they come on board. Local client SEO consulting is truly rewarding and an amazing way to make a lot of money in a very fast time. If you are looking at one of the easiest ways to get your feet wet, then there is no other way better than this. This episode is a must for those who are thinking of jumping in on all of the action. You have got to check out this episode first because what Mike and I talk about will get you started way ahead of others. I hope you enjoy this one, I have a ton more episodes just like this covering so many more topics in internet marketing that are sure to get your career in the industry and your business to take off.
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